Friday, April 8, 2011

Spokane WA

Well.. So far so good. I'm really liking it. We've found a new place. I LOVE it. Its a duplex. Though the landlady seems a bit upset I only have a part time job as of this precise moment. Ummm Ive been here 5 days. I'm getting my license transferred for cosmetology.. GIVE ME A CHANCE!! Ugh.. anyways.. I need to get some of my resumes printed out so I can give them to the girls at my car insurance place.. they know salon owners, where to apply, and they said they would help me. People are A LOT nicer out here. This sat will be my first night out.. I'm kinda excited. Sarah's packing up her apt now.. Ive put in Weeds Season 1.. Me and her BF are watching it lol. Trying to get Sarah hooked on a new show lmfao!
Ive downloaded All of Bones season 6 (going to catch up), Have my new Vampire Diaries book to read, and work on my iTunes.. all by Monday. I start VS there.. hope all the girls are super nice like my store was! <3 I miss all my MI girls terribly!!