Friday, March 25, 2011

Well I Leave in 6 Days...

My New Home...
In just a few days...
I'm becoming super stressed..
There's soooooo much to do still..

Oh and this came out.. I want it so bad I could cry.. no joke lol

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Im officially 29.. surrounded my friends and family that I love.. Plus I got a GPS!!
Also tons of wonderful gifts from my girls!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saying Goodbye..

Last night I was driving home from the mall w one of my closest friends. We were discussing how I'm going to be missing a few good friends and how they will be missing me. As we were on this topic my thoughts traveled to those people I will be missing greatly. While thinking of each one and seeing how different they were from each other I also saw something else.. a little bit of me. From fashion to books, from gaming to courage, from feisty-ness to hugs and I love you's, I have left some type of impression on each and everyone of them. Even to my little Puma in training! After seeing how there was a little piece of me in them it made me see there is a little piece of them in me. Ive tried many new things, MADE new things, accepted more things, and learn to appreciate more things. Seeing this brought tears to my eyes.. could I have asked for anything better than becoming a better person by the help of such great friends? Such amazing people? I think not. I never underestimated their value.. but I now see how much they would be missed if gone..
I'm leaving in a little over 2 weeks. I'm a bit scared and a bit stressed. Though not a single one of those friends is asking me to stay (well not in a 100% seriousness lol) but instead happy I'm doing something with my life and now are excited to have somewhere to visit! Another big factor that is keeping me sane is what is waiting for me out in WA. My 2nd family. Someone who has a huge part of my heart.. and she will be here in 5 days! We will party w all our friends, then pack, and be on our way to our new life as roomies. This is what helps wash away all the fear and stress.
For the few of you who I am talking about.. you will be terribly missed.
You know who you are.. "Stated simply: I love you" <3

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Check out my friend Nick's music!!

Saw this Beautiful Bird on my way to work today..

There is More to Sex Appeal than Just Measurements. I don't need a Bedroom to Prove my Womanliness. I can Convey just as much Sex Appeal, picking apples off a tree or standing in the rain....

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A New Addiction Maybe?

Why do I even bother with this blog...??

Not sure really.. Maybe it'll turn into more than a book blog once I move to WA. Which is in 4 weeks btw.. today. My Bestfriend comes home in two to help me pack and then move.. driving across the country. Im super stoked! Im scared I still have alot to pack and move.. things I use daily. Like clothes, all my bathroom stuff, my books and TV series, all the shoes I was recently given (and let me tell you, I have some pretty hot Steve Maddens now!), and my pets (The chinchilla and kitty). Oh and my 35+ Bras and 80+ panties lol.. a part of my VS addiction. Its becoming quite sad really.. Im thinking buying stock in the company may be a good idea! Speaking of books.. bought a few more today.. w some store credit I came upon. I read about one in a magazine. I really want to read it but... Im working mad crazy. Sun thru Wed I work VS in TC.. then back up north to clean houses in Harbor Springs and Bay Harbor on Thursdays, then back in Petoskey to work the salon Fri and Sat. Btw.. I LOVE Tequila. Mainly Patron. You need to know this if you want to know anything about me. Its a new discovery but a well loved one! Oh! I also got my dermals in my neck again.. two diamonds running down.. well Im done eating my bowl of cantaloupe and thinking a movie before bed will be good. Tomorrow I work the salon.. half day. Before work I may paint my toes and go tanning.. I really need my hair done too.. ugh. I have to take my drivers license picture again soon.. HAVE to have perfect hair if Im a stylist! Night <3